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XV. International Conference "Accounting and Reporting Sustainable Development" will be held on 5th and 6th of June 2019, as the accompanying program of the URBIS SMART CITY FAIR.

The conference focuses on topical issues of sustainable development, voluntary approaches to achieving the objectives of sustainable development at company level, results of projects, case studies and discussion of practical experience.

The conference is recommended to all organizations interested in deepening its activities in accordance with the principles of sustainable development (Directive 2013/34 /EU, ISO 14000 etc.), to increase their competitiveness and discussing related issues. Experience will be share with leading experts. Detailed information is available on the website: https://www.tretiruka.cz/konference-ucetnictvi-a-reporting-udrzitelneho-rozvoje/.

The conference will be held at the Masaryk univerzity, Faculty of Sociál Studies, Department of Environmental Studies

Address: Joštova 10, Brno 602 00, místnost P 24.

Conference Program:

The conference is divided into two days:

  • The first day (5th. June 2019) will be held lectures (see conference program).
  • The second day (6th. June 2019) is intended visiting the exhibition, which is conceived individually.

Accommodations: in preparation

It is an individual, is tentatively ordered the immediate vicinity of the exhibition grounds in areas Masaryk University – Hotel Garni, Vinařská 5, Brno, Block A3.


Ministry of the Environment, Masaryk Univerzity, Czech Business Council for Sustainable Development and the Czech Environmental Management Center, Z.S.


Conference program - in preparation


June 5th, 2019


8.00–9.00                  Registration of participants


9.00                         Introduction


9.15–10.15                 Session 1


10.15–10.45               Short break


10.45–12.00               Session 2


12.00–12.45               Lunch break


12.45–14.00               Session 3


14.00–14.30               Short break


14.30–15.45                  Session 4

15.45–16.15               Short break


16.15–17.30               Session 5


June 6th, 2019

Visiting the fair, including support programs, is conceived individually.

Related information:

All contributions through abstract will be published in conference proceedings and according to time schedule will enable the presentation within the program.

For larger contribution it is possible to publish after the conference in the journal Scientia Agriculturae Bohemica (https://www.sab.czu.cz).

With the lapse of time presentations will be published on the conference website: https://www.tretiruka.cz/konference-ucetnictvi-a-reporting-udrzitelneho-rozvoje/en/